About Mirea Raaijmakers

Associate Partner

For over 12 years, Mirea has been a trailblazer in the application of behavioral science within the financial industry. Holding pivotal roles at the Dutch Central Bank and ING Bank, she garnered a reputation for her exceptional expertise, thought leadership, and a remarkable ability to implement behavioral change strategies that yield tangible results.

Professional Journey:

Mirea’s groundbreaking career marked her as a pioneer when she became the first psychologist ever appointed by a central bank, leveraging her unique skill set in supervision. Over 6.5 years, she led numerous culture inspections at the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), contributing to the globally acclaimed Dutch Approach—an innovative post-financial crisis strategy in supervision.

Her influence extended globally as she collaborated with regulators such as the ECB, the US, Australia, and Asia, sharing her insights and contributing to shaping international supervisory practices.

Post DNB, Mirea served as the Global Head of Behavioral Risk Management at ING for five years. In this role, she was instrumental in identifying and assessing behavioral risks, steering the business toward effective risk mitigation. Under her leadership, the capability she built has become an integrated part of ING’s risk function and strategic decision-making processes.

Academic Accomplishments:

Mirea holds a doctorate in Behavioral Sciences and has studied organizational psychology. She is the chief editor and lead author of the influential handbook, “Supervision of Behaviour & Culture.”


Decoding Behavioral Risk Management 

In our recent webinar,  Mirea Raaijmakers, joined forces with Anabel Dumlao, Axialent Partner and Culture expert, to delve into critical questions surrounding risk management in today’s corporate landscape.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Unintentional Culture of Avoidance: Explore whether traditional risk management approaches inadvertently foster a culture of avoidance within organizations, hindering growth and innovation.
  • Navigating Sanctions and Regulatory Scrutiny: Provided insights into how teams can effectively navigate the challenges posed by sanctions and regulatory scrutiny while upholding ethical practices.
  • Streamlining Risk Management Processes: Address the complexities organizations face in their risk management processes, offering practical strategies to simplify procedures and enhance efficiency.

As a keynote speaker, Mirea brings a wealth of knowledge, practical experience, and a unique perspective on the intersection of behavioral science and risk management. Her engaging presentations are sure to inspire and inform audiences, offering valuable insights into driving positive change within organizations.