How to Transition into the New Year With More Intention

By Nithya Shanti | Dec 20, 2018

Nithya Shanti is bringing a simple, new practice that allows you to transition consciously from this year into next. He uses the power of water, gratitude and intention.


I have a special practice for you this year and transitioning from this year to the next year. So I’d like each one of you to fill a glass of water and then I’d like you to bring this glass of water close to your heart and just reflect on all that went well this year, all that you’re grateful for. And then to drink half of the glass of water. And then to again bring the glass of water close to your heart. And to reflect on what are your intentions for the coming year, what would make it a really amazing year for you? And then to feel grateful like it’s already happened. How would that look like? How would that feel? And once you get into that feeling state to drink the remaining amount of water.

And they say that water is the most flexible, malleable of all the elements. And water has got memory. From ancient times, in every culture they have the idea of sacred water. In other words, water has a memory of where there’s been and the kind of thought and intention people have had around it. So why don’t we end the year and start the year with a simple practice?

And don’t just stop there. If you like the practice, start each day like that. Start each day with thinking of what you’re grateful for and drink half a glass of water. And what your intention for the day is and drink the second half of the water. Like this, every cell of your body starts getting filled with the energy of gratefulness and the clarity of intention. And as we all know, our body is mostly water, 70% water. Just like the planet is 70% water.

So like this, bring the simple practice of being well hydrated with the power of intention and clarity and gratitude. Bring it into your life and let’s live more conscious lives and let’s create community with consciousness. And of course, conscious business, conscious contribution.

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