Launch of the book “Be the Change: the art of becoming our own innovation project”.

By Fran Cherny | Dec 13, 2021

“Be the Change” is a book that invites us to reflect on the difficulties we may encounter when undertaking any change, and to transform ourselves into people capable of successfully changing in all areas of action. This is why Fran Cherny, author of the book, shares with us his experiences on how to create and manage personal, and professional transformation.


  • Teryluz Andreu: Partner at Axialent.
  • Guy Persaud: President – P&G New Business Chairman – Cintrifuse.
  • Joao Adao: Managing Director at Facebook South America.
  • Fran Cherny: Managing Director at Axialent and author of the book Be the Change.

Here is the full webinar for you to enjoy


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