Exploring why Curious Leaders create Successful Cultures

Axialent partner, Anabel Dumlao, plus Stefaan van Hooydonk, Founder of The Global Curiosity Institute / Axialent Business council Member, and Niklas Lindholm, HR Executive / CHRO welcome you to a fascinating conversation about how leading organizations are leveraging the power of workplace curiosity to accelerate culture transformation.

Stefaan van Hooydonk is the Founder of The Global Curiosity Institute and Axialent Business Council Member, Stefaan has 28+ years of global exposure and leadership in developing learning cultures and climates that foster management transformations and higher performance.

Anabel Dumlao has over 20 years of global experience developing executive teams that transform organizations through conscious leadership and constructive culture by helping them align their actions and their values to achieve extraordinary and sustainable business results.

Niklas Lindholm is a curious, inclusive, and collaborative HR Executive with international experience from CHRO roles in B2C companies that have transformed from a decentralized/holding type of structure to a centralized/platform-based structure “one company”. 20+ years of experience driving business impact by linking business and people strategy through strategic transformations in culture & leadership.

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