Aligning with Change. Is it Possible?

By Fran Cherny , Nithya Shanti | May 20, 2019

Nithya Shanti and Fran Cherny share some practical tips on how to connect the “I have everything I need” energy with the “I need to evolve and get better” energy.


Fran Cherny: How do you connect that resilience, that steadiness, that everything is okay, I have everything I need with a need to evolve, to do better, to get better results, to … how do you?

Nithya Shanti: You know, the concept has become very popular now. There’s the concept of flow. This is used in sports, it’s also used in business. The idea of flow is, you don’t make flow happen. In fact, you get out of the way, and that’s how you come into the flow. You ask sports people, what’s it like to be in flow? They’re like, “I don’t even feel I’m there. I’m running, or doing fencing or playing baseball, and I don’t even feel I’m there. It’s just happening.” In the Buddhist tradition, they say that the great way, to walk the great way is to study the self. To study the self you’ve got to forget the self. And then you forget the self, you awaken to life in all its glory. So could it be that you’re imagining that you need to do things to get there, but could it be that you actually have to do less and actually get into the place of non-doership.

You talked about change. Change is happening anyway. The sense that I’ve got to make change happen, every molecule, every atom in the universe is vibrating. Change is happening. Change is the most basic fact of life. Even if you sit all day in the same chair, change is going to happen. Your heart’s still going to beat. So change is always happening. Can we come into sync, into alignment with the natural change of life? A great example is, nature never hurries. Yet everything gets done. The seasons come, the trees grow, the ocean moves and tides, the planets revolve around each other. Nature is not in a rush and everything gets done. And human beings are always in a rush, and we seem to always have our to-do list never finished.

So maybe there’s a different dimension of life, because we got so caught up in this idea of how things are supposed to be, how they’re supposed to move. That idea itself is crushing us. Could it mean that it’s time for a new, fresh perspective?

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