Borja is a dynamic and experienced leader in the field of innovation, renowned for his expertise in guiding organizations towards groundbreaking creativity and sustainable innovation. With over 20 years of experience, Borja has been instrumental in shaping the innovation landscapes of various leading organizations globally.

As an author, Borja has enriched the field of innovation with his literary contributions, sharing his insights and methodologies. His role as an educator is equally notable, with a 15-year tenure as an awarded professor at IE Business School and Headspring, a joint venture between the Financial Times and IE Business School.


Interviewing Borja

Borja emphasizes the transformative impact of their innovation center on client relationships. He underscores the broader scope of innovation beyond technological advancements, highlighting the need for diverse perspectives.

Joao Adao is a luminary in the field of digital transformation, renowned for his inspiring keynotes that drive organizations towards the digital future. With 30 years of experience at the helm of multinational companies, João’s expertise spans a vast array of sectors, including technology, consulting, and online services.

At the forefront of digital change, Joao’s most notable role was as the Managing Director for Meta in South America, where he spearheaded revenue growth by fostering a culture of success and assembling a high-performing, diverse team. His work at hibu, as President for Latin America, showcased his ability to turn around the company’s fortunes, transforming the Yellow Pages into a competitive digital entity and reversing declining revenue trends.

Currently, Joao is imparting his vast knowledge as a Senior Associate Partner at Axialent, based in the culturally rich and innovative city of Barcelona, Spain. His academic journey, which includes a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, coupled with specialized studies in Organisational Development and innovation, has given him an unparalleled understanding of the intricate relationship between business operations and technological advancement.

His professional journey is a testament to his versatile leadership and deep understanding of digital ecosystems. João’s positions have taken him across the globe, from Europe to Latin America, instilling a broad perspective on international management and digital strategy execution.


Joao Adao’s talks are a blend of inspiration and actionable insights, tailored to guide corporate audiences through the nuances of digital transformation. 

Digital Transformation and Culture Talks

Driven by his passion for digital and cultural transformation, Joao Adao has become a renowned keynote speaker. His dynamic and multilingual presentations captivate audiences globally, providing them with valuable insights, practical strategies, and inspiration to embrace and lead digital transformation initiatives.

With fluency in five languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian – Joao’s ability to connect with diverse audiences is unparalleled. His keynote speeches encompass a wide range of topics, including digital strategy, organizational change, innovation culture, and high-performance team development. He combines his practical experiences, industry knowledge, and charismatic speaking style to deliver engaging and impactful presentations that empower organizations to thrive in the digital age.

For over 12 years, Mirea has been a trailblazer in the application of behavioral science within the financial industry. Holding pivotal roles at the Dutch Central Bank and ING Bank, she garnered a reputation for her exceptional expertise, thought leadership, and a remarkable ability to implement behavioral change strategies that yield tangible results.

Professional Journey:

Mirea’s groundbreaking career marked her as a pioneer when she became the first psychologist ever appointed by a central bank, leveraging her unique skill set in supervision. Over 6.5 years, she led numerous culture inspections at the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), contributing to the globally acclaimed Dutch Approach—an innovative post-financial crisis strategy in supervision.

Her influence extended globally as she collaborated with regulators such as the ECB, the US, Australia, and Asia, sharing her insights and contributing to shaping international supervisory practices.

Post DNB, Mirea served as the Global Head of Behavioral Risk Management at ING for five years. In this role, she was instrumental in identifying and assessing behavioral risks, steering the business toward effective risk mitigation. Under her leadership, the capability she built has become an integrated part of ING’s risk function and strategic decision-making processes.

Academic Accomplishments:

Mirea holds a doctorate in Behavioral Sciences and has studied organizational psychology. She is the chief editor and lead author of the influential handbook, “Supervision of Behaviour & Culture.”


Decoding Behavioral Risk Management 

In our recent webinar,  Mirea Raaijmakers, joined forces with Anabel Dumlao, Axialent Partner and Culture expert, to delve into critical questions surrounding risk management in today’s corporate landscape.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Unintentional Culture of Avoidance: Explore whether traditional risk management approaches inadvertently foster a culture of avoidance within organizations, hindering growth and innovation.
  • Navigating Sanctions and Regulatory Scrutiny: Provided insights into how teams can effectively navigate the challenges posed by sanctions and regulatory scrutiny while upholding ethical practices.
  • Streamlining Risk Management Processes: Address the complexities organizations face in their risk management processes, offering practical strategies to simplify procedures and enhance efficiency.

As a keynote speaker, Mirea brings a wealth of knowledge, practical experience, and a unique perspective on the intersection of behavioral science and risk management. Her engaging presentations are sure to inspire and inform audiences, offering valuable insights into driving positive change within organizations.

Borja is a successful entrepreneur and intrapreneur, and is a recognized expert in the field of innovation. Starting as an entrepreneur very early in his career, he then created and grew new successful businesses while working in companies such as DHL, Altran, Capgemini or frog design​.

He has also helped blue-chip companies in creating new products, services, solutions, and businesses, as well as becoming more innovative organizations, implementing all innovation processes and methodologies. He’s been Vice President of Capgemini Invent and frog design, the iconic brand noted for disrupting so many markets.

He was also the founder and leader of the Altran Innovation World Class Center, and ACIE, the official certification agency for innovation in Spain. He is now involved in launching new ventures merging Innovation and social and environmental Impact.

Borja is an awarded innovation professor at IE Business School, and has written seminal books in his field, including the first-ever Innovation dictionary published in any language.

Borja holds an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from MIT-Sloan, an Executive MBA from IE Business School, an Honors Degree in Business Administration from Humberside University and ESIC, and has pursued studies in Civil Engineering and Political Science at UNED.

In his spare time, you can find him piloting light experimental aircraft around Madrid, Spain, where he resides with his family.

Paloma brings over three decades of experience in the IT sector. Currently, she serves as the President & General Manager for Xerox Spain, a position she’s held for 11 years, and has been the Southern Europe President for the past two. Her leadership has spanned managing multicultural teams in intricate business landscapes.

She previously managed Xerox Large Accounts, Distribution Channels and Outsourcing & Services organizations, acquiring an extensive operational and business transformation experience. She also hold the Human Resources Director position, which gave her a broaden vision of an organization and reinforced her focus on people as the key company asset.

A stellar communicator, Paloma possesses extensive board experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. Since March 2015, she’s been a non-executive board member at Spain’s insurance company, Mutua Pelayo. And as of January 2022, she joined the advisory councils of PROA, a communication and reputation management consultancy, and CEG, Spain’s management excellence club.

Her educational milestones include a degree in Information Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid, she is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and has participated in several leadership and executive development programs at Insead Executive Education (Fontainebleau, Francia), High Performance Center Development (London, UK) and Centre for Creative Leadership (North Carolina, USA).

Based in Madrid, Paloma is a proud mother of three and is married. She is celebrated for her enthusiasm, commitment to diversity, networking prowess, and championing inclusion and equal opportunities. In recognition of her work, she was honored with the “Women Leadership Award” by the Spanish Federation of Women Managers and Entrepreneurs in 2018.

For more than 12 years, Mirea has been at the forefront of applying behavioral science in the financial industry. She held senior positions at the Dutch Central Bank and ING Bank. At these institutions, she was responsible for building behavioral risk capabilities from scratch. She is well-known for her expertise, thought leadership, and her ability to implement behavioral change strategies that deliver results.

Mirea is considered a pioneer, as she was the first psychologist ever appointed by a central bank to use her specific skillset in supervision. For 6.5 years, she spearheaded numerous culture inspections under the Dutch Central Bank’s (DNB) supervision on Behavior & Culture – the well-known Dutch Approach that is globally considered as one of the most successful post-financial crisis innovations in supervision. She collaborated with global regulators, including those from the ECB, the US, Australia, and Asia.

After DNB, Mirea worked as Global Head of Behavioral Risk Management at ING for 5 years. Here, she was responsible for the identification and assessment of behavioral risks and directed the business towards effective mitigation of these risks. She built this capability, which is now an integrated part of ING’s risk function and strategic decision-making.

Mirea studied organizational psychology and holds a doctor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences. She is the chief editor and lead author of the highly influential handbook – Supervision of Behavior & Culture. She is a thought leader in the field of Behavioral Risk Management and is frequently invited as a keynote speaker.

Mirea lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is married and has two children. In her spare time, she enjoys her family, friends, reading books, and playing sports, especially basketball with her kids.

Alex has 17 years of experience in the field of Business and around 8 in B2B Sales Management consulting. Alex’s approach involves crafting a strategy grounded in the company’s mission. He excels at translating overarching visions into actionable plans to meet organizational objectives.

Starting his career, Alex worked primarily with multinationals from various sectors, including Biofuels, Oils, Engineering, and Software (Tech). He also has experience with SMBs and has taken on roles as an entrepreneur.

Along with joining Axialent, Alex is a Managing Partner at, a hybrid consultancy and training company helping founders, owners, and executive teams grow. The focus is always on the individual, developing their position, and aligning the team to hyper-grow your company.

Previously, Alex set up two different entrepreneurial ventures and is involved in several startups and SMBs as a mentor and minority shareholder. As an Executive Director, Alex showcased exceptional leadership qualities, demonstrating a remarkable talent for crafting and executing visionary strategies that propel organizations to new heights. Under Alex’s leadership, CTAIMA Group not only met but consistently exceeded expectations, establishing industry benchmarks and earning accolades for excellence. This success culminated in a purchase by a PE group.

Alongside his vast Sales experience in the B2B space for consultative sales, Alex possesses a deep understanding of people and their development. He finds it intrinsically rewarding to aid in their growth.

Alex holds a degree in chemistry from URV in Tarragona, located in one of the most significant chemical hubs in Southern Europe. He also pursued an MBA from the same university. More recently, he completed an Executive Program on General Management (PDD) at IESE Business School.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, where he was born and raised, Alex brings to the table extensive work experience from across Europe — including Spain, Germany, Italy, and Belgium — as well as Southeast Asia, with stints in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Outside his professional commitments, Alex is passionate about sports, with a particular love for fitness and marathon running. He’s also keen on exploring facets of business, leadership, and talent management.

Rogelio Salcedo is a distinguished consultant and Human Resources expert who currently serves as Partner at Axialent Mexico. His extensive experience includes leadership roles in notable consultancies such as OLIVIA, Mercer, Training Lab, The RBL Group, and Alto Partners in Mexico.

Before stepping into the consulting world, Rogelio had a successful career as a Global Human Resources Executive. During this time, he held crucial roles in global leading companies such as PepsiCo, L’Oreal, Santander, CEMEX, Coca-Cola FEMSA, and Mead Johnson Nutrition. Moreover, he held the position of Global CHRO in Grupo AJE, managing 15,000 employees across 24 countries.

Rogelio has dedicated much of his career to the advancement of the Human Resources profession. He stood out as the President of ERIAC Capital Humano A.C. in Monterrey and as a founding member and first President of the Federación Mexicana de Asociaciones de Recursos Humanos (FEMARH). His commitment led to recognition from GoIntegro, which included him in their ranking of the Top Ten Human Resources Influencers in Mexico.

His impressive academic profile includes a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Universidad Iberoamericana, Diplomas in Administration and Finance, and Personnel Management, a Master’s degree in Organizational Management and Human Resources Development from Manhattanville College, and an MBA from Adolfo Ibañez Business School and ESADE. Rogelio also holds a Certificate in Creative Leadership and Facilitation for Innovation from the University at Buffalo State, NY, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Administration at Humboldt International University.

Rogelio has also made his mark in the academic world as a professor of Organizational Behavior in the MBA program at UDLAP Jenkins Graduate School and in the Human Resources Diploma course at Universidad Iberoamericana. He is also a certified Executive Coach by the ICC and the ICF.

A native of Mexico, Rogelio currently resides in Mexico City, contributing to the local industry with his profound experience and dedication.

Extensive experience leading negotiations to form partnerships with global companies in various countries such as the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Belgium, and Russia. Negotiation of long-term sales contracts with international companies.

Management and leadership of cultural transformation and change processes in multinational companies. Design and implementation of strategies and action plans to improve the results of companies in a situation of operational and financial crisis. Successful development and implementation of investment projects.

Profound skills in managing a wide variety of leadership, innovation, and expansion situations successfully.  Skillful experience in change management structure and leading processes across borders and cultures. 

Effective application of innovation and modernization procedures focused on operational functionality across regions.

Carlos has been related to Axialent since the beginning, supporting its growth and expansion in the different countries where Axialent is present through its subsidiaries. As a chief financial officer and director, he is responsible for all the accounting, financial, legal, tax, planning, management control and compliance processes, including all Axialent shareholder-related issues.

He graduated as an accountant and has a bachelor’s degree in administration from Universidad de Buenos Aires. He started his working career and professional training at Price Waterhouse Audit Department. Before joining Axialent, he was in charge of strategic planning at Banco Bansud. Afterward, he served as administrative manager at Heller Financial Bank.

Carlos lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and enjoys traveling and cooking for his friends.