Álvaro Fernández, named as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, is a recognized Brain Health pioneer, keynote speaker and author. For more than 15 years he has led SharpBrains, an independent research firm tracking applied neuroscience and gathering hundreds of scientists, experts, technologists, and practitioners. He has also been quoted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Reuters, and Associated Press, among others.

Álvaro is the Editor-in-chief of seminal market reports on Brain Health and Innovation and co-authored the influential discussion paper Empowering 8 Billion Minds: Enabling Better Mental Health for All via the Ethical Adoption of Technologies published in the National Academy of Medicine. To help engage a variety of audiences he co-authored the acclaimed books The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness and Cómo Invertir en su Cerebro, translated into multiple languages.

Prior to his work at the frontier of applied neuroscience and mental wellness, Álvaro worked at consulting firm McKinsey & Company, helped Bertelsmann launch one of the first online bookstores in Europe. Additionally, he launched a learning platform at Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, and participated in the turnaround of corporate e-learning company Docent/ SumTotal Systems.

Furthermore, Álvaro has enjoyed serving in several Global Future Councils by the World Economic Forum, in the Global Teacher Prize Academy run by the Varkey Foundation, and in the Global Advisory Board of SEK Education Group, among others.

Besides that background, he holds an MBA and MA in Education from Stanford University and a BA in Economics from Universidad de Deusto.

He is native from Spain, and is an avid skier (alpine and cross-country), tennis player, non-fiction readers, and traveler. Having lived 24 years in the US between the Bay Area, Washington, DC and Boca Raton he and his family recently moved to Madrid, Spain. Born in Bilbao, in the Basque Country, Álvaro is a dual citizen of Spain and the US, and fluent in Spanish and English.

Empowering Minds: Leveraging Brain Science to Unlock Potential in the AI/ Cognitive Era

How can we enhance our core mental capacities to innovate and to thrive in today’s complex and rapidly-changing society and workplace? What can we do to invest in our most precious resource –our human brain– and boost individual and collective resilience? Discover the practical applications of emerging research on brain functioning and neuroplasticity, and learn how everyone can become a lifelong “mental athlete” ready to face professional and personal challenges in the AI/ Cognitive Age.

 Brain Health in 2030: Navigating Neuroplasticity and the Digital Health Market

Brain Health and Mental Health are rapidly-evolving marketplaces, and executives and pioneers should be aware of the far-reaching impact this transformation will have in the near future. Alvaro Fernandez, the CEO of the leading independent market research firm SharpBrains — tracking health and wellness applications of brain science — will discuss the latest market data and forecasts on how digital platforms will revolutionize brain health by 2030. Participants will discover and brainstorm how the growing mainstream demand for “brain fitness” is creating a significant demand and opportunity for web-based, mobile and biometrics-based technology to assess, monitor and enhance cognition and brain functioning.

Borja is a dynamic and experienced leader in the field of innovation, renowned for his expertise in guiding organizations towards groundbreaking creativity and sustainable innovation. With over 20 years of experience, Borja has been instrumental in shaping the innovation landscapes of various leading organizations globally.

As an author, Borja has enriched the field of innovation with his literary contributions, sharing his insights and methodologies. His role as an educator is equally notable, with a 15-year tenure as an awarded professor at IE Business School and Headspring, a joint venture between the Financial Times and IE Business School.


Interviewing Borja

Borja emphasizes the transformative impact of their innovation center on client relationships. He underscores the broader scope of innovation beyond technological advancements, highlighting the need for diverse perspectives.

ENFOCA-2: Failures and Learning, the Art of Entrepreneurship

This talk addresses innovation from multiple perspectives, integrating concepts from sports, business culture, teamwork, and effective communication. It emphasizes the importance of embracing change, learning from failure, and fostering a culture that promotes creativity and diversity of thought.

Joao Adao is a luminary in the field of digital transformation, renowned for his inspiring keynotes that drive organizations towards the digital future. With 30 years of experience at the helm of multinational companies, João’s expertise spans a vast array of sectors, including technology, consulting, and online services.

At the forefront of digital change, Joao’s most notable role was as the Managing Director for Meta in South America, where he spearheaded revenue growth by fostering a culture of success and assembling a high-performing, diverse team. His work at hibu, as President for Latin America, showcased his ability to turn around the company’s fortunes, transforming the Yellow Pages into a competitive digital entity and reversing declining revenue trends.

Currently, Joao is imparting his vast knowledge as a Senior Associate Partner at Axialent, based in the culturally rich and innovative city of Barcelona, Spain. His academic journey, which includes a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, coupled with specialized studies in Organisational Development and innovation, has given him an unparalleled understanding of the intricate relationship between business operations and technological advancement.

His professional journey is a testament to his versatile leadership and deep understanding of digital ecosystems. João’s positions have taken him across the globe, from Europe to Latin America, instilling a broad perspective on international management and digital strategy execution.


Joao Adao’s talks are a blend of inspiration and actionable insights, tailored to guide corporate audiences through the nuances of digital transformation. 

Digital Transformation and Culture Talks

Driven by his passion for digital and cultural transformation, Joao Adao has become a renowned keynote speaker. His dynamic and multilingual presentations captivate audiences globally, providing them with valuable insights, practical strategies, and inspiration to embrace and lead digital transformation initiatives.

With fluency in five languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian – Joao’s ability to connect with diverse audiences is unparalleled. His keynote speeches encompass a wide range of topics, including digital strategy, organizational change, innovation culture, and high-performance team development. He combines his practical experiences, industry knowledge, and charismatic speaking style to deliver engaging and impactful presentations that empower organizations to thrive in the digital age.

For over 12 years, Mirea has been a trailblazer in the application of behavioral science within the financial industry. Holding pivotal roles at the Dutch Central Bank and ING Bank, she garnered a reputation for her exceptional expertise, thought leadership, and a remarkable ability to implement behavioral change strategies that yield tangible results.

Professional Journey:

Mirea’s groundbreaking career marked her as a pioneer when she became the first psychologist ever appointed by a central bank, leveraging her unique skill set in supervision. Over 6.5 years, she led numerous culture inspections at the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), contributing to the globally acclaimed Dutch Approach—an innovative post-financial crisis strategy in supervision.

Her influence extended globally as she collaborated with regulators such as the ECB, the US, Australia, and Asia, sharing her insights and contributing to shaping international supervisory practices.

Post DNB, Mirea served as the Global Head of Behavioral Risk Management at ING for five years. In this role, she was instrumental in identifying and assessing behavioral risks, steering the business toward effective risk mitigation. Under her leadership, the capability she built has become an integrated part of ING’s risk function and strategic decision-making processes.

Academic Accomplishments:

Mirea holds a doctorate in Behavioral Sciences and has studied organizational psychology. She is the chief editor and lead author of the influential handbook, “Supervision of Behaviour & Culture.”


Decoding Behavioral Risk Management 

In our recent webinar,  Mirea Raaijmakers, joined forces with Anabel Dumlao, Axialent Partner and Culture expert, to delve into critical questions surrounding risk management in today’s corporate landscape.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Unintentional Culture of Avoidance: Explore whether traditional risk management approaches inadvertently foster a culture of avoidance within organizations, hindering growth and innovation.
  • Navigating Sanctions and Regulatory Scrutiny: Provided insights into how teams can effectively navigate the challenges posed by sanctions and regulatory scrutiny while upholding ethical practices.
  • Streamlining Risk Management Processes: Address the complexities organizations face in their risk management processes, offering practical strategies to simplify procedures and enhance efficiency.

As a keynote speaker, Mirea brings a wealth of knowledge, practical experience, and a unique perspective on the intersection of behavioral science and risk management. Her engaging presentations are sure to inspire and inform audiences, offering valuable insights into driving positive change within organizations.

Nithya Shanti is an internationally renowned spiritual guide, mindfulness expert, and leadership consultant who specializes in helping individuals and organizations foster deeper connections. With his unique blend of timeless teachings, experiential learning, and real-world application, Nithya empowers people to create meaningful relationships and achieve personal and professional success.

As a former Buddhist monk with a background in corporate leadership, Nithya brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to his work. He is dedicated to guiding others on their journey toward self-discovery, authentic connection, and a fulfilling life. He has supported leaders and teams in hundreds of global organizations discover clarity and happiness in the midst of their demanding roles.

Nithya’s Three Approaches to Learning:

Class: Sharing principles, practices and knowledge

Lab: Experimentation, application and facilitation

Playground: Real-life experiences and realtime learnings




Nithya Shanti offers a range of customizable keynote presentations and workshops tailored to diverse audiences in various locations around the world. His talks cover a wide range of topics, including personal growth, mindfulness, decision making and human connection.


Self-Connection Talks


The Journey Within: Discovering Your Authentic Self

In this transformative talk, Nithya guides participants on a journey of reflection and self-discovery, helping them to uncover their true nature and cultivate a deep sense of inner peace. By combining ancient wisdom with modern insights, this session empowers individuals to live in alignment with their authentic selves and experience greater fulfillment in all aspects of life.


From Mindfulness to Kindfulness

This presentation explores the power of mindfulness in promoting well-being, reducing stress, and enhancing personal and professional effectiveness. Nithya shares practical techniques for integrating mindfulness into daily routines, helping participants develop greater self-awareness and presence in the moment. Nithya emphasizes the importance of self empathy and compassion for the transformational shift from mind-full to heart-full and kind-full.


Connection with Others Talks


Building Bridges: Cultivating Connection in Personal and Professional Relationships

In this engaging session, Nithya shares insights and practices for fostering meaningful connections in both personal and professional relationships. By emphasizing empathy, active listening, and authentic communication, participants learn to build trust, strengthen bonds, and create a positive impact in their interactions with others. The learnings apply equally to our personal and professional relationships. This is an opportunity to level up our relational skills.


The Heart of Leadership: Compassion and Connection in the Workplace

This talk focuses on the role of compassion and connection in effective leadership, exploring how these qualities can enhance team performance, workplace satisfaction, and overall business success. There is emphasis on learning how to access clarity and intuition in decision making. Nithya provides actionable strategies for leaders to develop these skills and create a supportive, collaborative work environment.


Connection with Life Talks


Embracing the Present: Living Beyond Concepts and Personal Agendas

In this thought-provoking session, Nithya invites participants to explore the concept of effortlessly living in the present moment, free from the constraints of personal agendas and limiting beliefs. By embracing this approach, individuals can experience a deeper connection with life and unlock their full potential. The effect of this session is a profound unburdening from trying to control all outcomes by trusting and aligning with the intelligence of life.


The Art of Joyful Living: Connecting with the Source of Happiness

In this uplifting talk, Nithya shares his insights on the true source of happiness and how to cultivate a joyful, playful and connected life. Drawing from ancient wisdom and contemporary psychology, he offers practical tools and techniques for developing greater resilience, gratitude, and contentment. Participants often share the learnings with their family and children and report a positive shift in the personal lives as well.


Workshops and Experiential Learning

In addition to his keynote presentations, Nithya Shanti also offers workshops, leadership retreats and experiential learning sessions that provide participants with hands-on opportunities to explore and deepen their understanding of the topics covered in his talks. These interactive programs are designed to create lasting change and personal growth.



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Lisa, Ed.D., is Axialent’s advisor in personal and organizational transformation. Together with long-time collaborator Robert Kegan, Ph.D., she is credited with a breakthrough discovery of a hidden dynamic, the “immunity to change,” which impedes transformation.

For more than 20 years, Lisa and Robert have studied why people struggle to make the changes that would significantly improve their lives and repeatedly fail at it: from losing 10 pounds to becoming better leaders, through eating healthier food or quitting a bad habit. By means of a step-by-step, deep soul-searching methodology, Lisa and Robert guide people to close the gap between their good intentions and their behaviors.

Executives, senior teams and individuals are now using this work in business, governmental and educational organizations in the United States, Europe and Asia. It has also recently expanded its reach through the Immunity to Change MOOC, Harvard Graduate School of Education’s first MOOC to be taken by any individual through the EdX online platform.

Lisa and Robert recently received the Gislason Award for exceptional contributions to organizational leadership, joining past recipients Warren Bennis, Peter Senge and Edgar Schein. In 2013, they received the Vision of Excellence Award from Harvard’s Institute of Coaching.

For the past several years, Lisa has served as a trusted advisor and executive coach to leaders in the private and public sectors worldwide. A passionate pianist and hiker, Lisa lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her husband and two sons.




Lisa is regularly asked to present her work throughout the world, most recently in Australia, China, Kazakhstan and New Zealand. Her seminal books, “How The Way We Talk Can Change The Way We Work” (2001) and “Immunity to Change” (2009) have been published in many languages. Lisa has been on the faculty of the World Economic Forum’s Davos Conference and had her work featured in the Harvard Business Review; The New York Times Sunday business section; O, The Oprah Magazine and Fast Company.


1 – Have You Found What Might Be Holding You Back?

Conversation with Brené Brown on her “Dare to Lead” podcast:

Part one

Part Two


2 –Applying Immunity to Change to helping people and organizations in their efforts to genuinely address DEIB.

Watch content here.


3 –Leading with Perseverance


More content:





Her latest book, An Everyone Culture (Harvard Business Press, 2016) was named “Best Management and Workplace Culture Book of 2016” by 800-CEO-READ. Immunity to Change and An Everyone Culture recently earned a place on Harvard Business Press Ideas with Impact List, joining just 19 other titles.

Dr. Rajendra S. Sisodia is Axialent’s advisor in Conscious Capitalism. Author of “Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose,” co-founder and co-Chairman of the Conscious Capitalism Institute, Raj has devoted his work to the dissemination of the conscious capitalism principles and philosophy through his academic, writing, speaking and consulting endeavors. He is now focused on expanding the movement globally with chapters in Europe, Australia, Brazil, Singapore and India.

In 2003, he was named to the “Guru Gallery” by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and was described as one of “50 Leading Marketing Thinkers”. Four years later he received the “Excellence in Scholarship” award and in 2008 the “Innovation in Teaching” award from Bentley University. He was also named one of ten “Outstanding Trailblazers of 2010” by Good Business International, and one of the “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior” by Trust Across America for 2010 and 2011.

As a leading figure in the Conscious Capitalism movement, Raj is an expert in corporate strategy and leadership, globalization, stakeholder management, marketing strategy, marketing ethics, relationship marketing and marketing productivity.

He has consulted with and taught executive programs for numerous companies, including AT&T, Nokia, LG, DPDHL, POSCO, Siemens, Sprint, MCI, Volvo, IBM, Ernst & Young, Walmart, McDonald’s and Southern California Edison. He has led programs in North and South America, Europe, and Asia and is also a frequent and well-admired keynote speaker. Raj held over 500 presentations on Conscious Capitalism at leading universities, corporations and other organizations around the world. He was Trustee Professor of Marketing and founding director of the Center for Marketing Technology at Bentley University and is now F.W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Whole Foods Market Research Scholar in Conscious Capitalism at Babson College.

Raj has an MBA in marketing from the Bajaj Institute of Management Studies in Bombay. He also holds a Ph.D. in marketing and business policy from Columbia University. He has published seven books and over 100 articles in prestigious business journals. His book “Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose” was named as named one of the best business books of 2007 and has been translated into seven languages. In 2012 he published the book “Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business” (with John Mackey, founder & CEO of Whole Foods Market), a New York Times bestseller.

He lives in Lexington, MA. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, sports and music.




1 – Conscious Capitalism

Capitalism has been extraordinarily successful over the past two centuries at raising human living standards, life expectancy and life satisfaction. But the old way is not working any more. The world has changed so much and people have evolved so rapidly that we need to bring a higher level of consciousness to the world of business. When we do so, the results can be astonishing.



2 – Healing Organizations

In this talk, Raj discusses the benefits that can be derived when organizations put people first.


More Talks:

Fran Cherny is a business leader, inspirational speaker, and advisor to executives driving cultural transformation processes.

Fran is recognized in the industry for his ability to facilitate change processes that last and produce real business results. His methodology is based on agile and innovative practices applied in real day-to-day situations and has proven eective. He generates sustainable transformations, and helps leaders and teams to align business strategy with their values and practices. His proven methodology is based on agile and innovative practices applied in real day-to-day situations.

Born in Buenos Aires and currently based in Barcelona.



For over 15 years and in more than 20 countries, Fran has supported leading multinationals — such as Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Facebook, and AXA — through cultural transformation projects, conferences, direct coaching to executives, and facilitation of leadership teams.

Fran was responsible for opening Axialent’s European market. As CEO (2012-2017), he led global expansion eorts, developed new markets, and expanded the Axialent Advisory board bringing the most relevant content clients needed. He also led the recruitment and development of hundreds of consultants and inspired many others through his speaking engagements.





1 – Why is it so hard to change?

This talk stems from one of the main reflections of the book, which has to do with the diculties we may encounter when undertaking any change, and how we can transform ourselves into someone capable of successfully changing in all our areas of action – and do it sustainably.


2 – Creating the culture we want.

Drawing on his extensive experience as a consultant and as an expert in cultural transformations of multinational companies in various industries, Fran reviews the key points to consider when embarking on this type of process and invites us to take action to make it possible.


3 – Leading change.

In this talk, Fran invites us to look at ourselves as people capable of inspiring others to constantly change and evolve. We all occupy places of leadership in dierent areas of our lives. From that thesis, he explains what the fundamental beliefs and values are to make the changes we want happen and how to invite others to be part of that same process.


Through Fran I learned the power of starting with ‘what I can do better’, and how this can transform a culture and lead to transformational growth.
Guy Persaud
President of Procter & Gamble Co New Business

Shauna has presented her research to the King of Thailand, the Danish government, Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Summit, and the World Council for Psychotherapy, as well as to Fortune 100 Companies including Google, Cisco Systems, LinkedIn and Morgan Stanley. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Oprah, Mashable, Wired, USA Today, Dr. Oz, the Huffington Post, and the American Psychologist. Shauna is a summa cum laude graduate of Duke University and a Fellow of the Mind and LifeInstitute, co-founded by the Dalai Lama.

Dr. Shapiro offers numerous speaking topics including The Traits of Great Leaders and Building a Compassionate Corporate Culture and others listed below. Keynote presentations can also be customized across a wide range of topics including Mental Health, Mindfulness, Neuroplasticity, and Well-Being. Her TEDx Talk, What You Practice Grows Stronger, has been viewed 3 million times.



Dr. Shauna Shapiro offers numerous speaking topics and Keynote presentations across a wide range of topics including Leadership, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Neuroplasticity, and Well-Being.

1 – The power of mindfulness: what you practice grows stronger

In this presentation, Dr. Shauna Shapiro – an internationally recognized expert in mindfulness – teaches you powerful practices to live a happier, healthier more meaningful life. She shares recent discoveries in neuroscience and offers practical tools to re-architect the structure of your brain to decrease stress, increase clarity and strengthen your sense of belonging and purpose. You will learn how the practice of mindfulness deactivates the centers of the brain responsible for emotional reactivity, and helps engage the rational part of your brain so you can make choices aligned with your deepest values. Dr. Shapiro offers a science-based roadmap for how to enhance personal and professional well-being, while building better lives and communities.


2 – Hardwiring happiness: positive brains = better health + performance

The negativity bias, our tendency to look for what’s wrong and to gloss over or entirely miss the good, is hardwired in us. It made sense evolutionarily. This was how we survived. Yet this imbalance leads to chronic stress, anxiety and depression. What over a decade of research shows is that training your brain to be positive leads to greater success at work, better physical health and improved mental well-being. To overcome  earned helplessness, we must create “wins” for our brain by training ourselves to be rational optimists who focus on what is working. Dr. Shapiro explains what positive psychology is, how much we can change, and practical applications and strategies for Hardwiring Happiness even in the midst of change and challenge.


3 – Compassionate leadership

Great leaders encourage collaboration, promote inclusion, and make their employees feel seen and heard. Their greatest tool? COMPASSION. Compassion isn’t a static trait that people either have or don’t have—we all have the ability to grow our compassion intentionally  Through practice. A clinical psychologist and renown expert in compassion, Dr. Shapiro uses her scientific and clinical expertise to give us concrete strategies for compassionate leadership. She shows us how to lead teams that are connected, collaborative, creative, and ultimately more successful. This presentation illuminates the science behind why kindness and compassion are not signs of weakness but sources of strength.


4 – The power of mindfulness in education

Our schools and communities are responsible for preparing students to succeed in and contribute to an increasingly challenging world. We are seeing the impact of rising stress, emotional dysregulation, and attention deficit, and social isolation on the health and wellbeing of our young people. All of us, students, teachers and parents, need tools to help navigate these difficult times. In this presentation, Dr. Shauna Shapiro, a leading expert in mindfulness and compassion, teaches practices to rewire the brain for greater clarity, contentment and calm. She presents a science-based roadmap to reduce emotional reactivity, manage stress, enhance self-compassion and increase the ability to make healthy life choices. Evidence from thousands of scientific studies shows mindfulness practice is directly correlated to decreased stress, increased test scores, stronger motivation, and a more connected, supportive community. Dr. Shapiro integrates cutting-edge neuroscience, interactive experiential practices, and inspiring stories to show how simple changes to our mindset and habits can bring about significant transformation in our brains and in our lives.


5 – The science of self-compassion

Our society teaches us that self-compassion is the enemy of productivity; that to be kind to ourselves is to invite complacency. In fact, the opposite is true. Self-compassion is proven to increase motivation and productivity, boost resilience, and improve mental health. Dr. Shauna Shapiro, a pioneer in the empirical study of self-compassion, shows us why we need self-compassion more than ever, and teaches us simple, yet powerful practices to cultivate it. She provides step-by-step guidance for tapping your inner resources and transforming the way you work and live.


6 – The power of attention

We’re in a focus crisis: we can’t pay attention, and it’s affecting our power to innovate and think deeply. In fact, research from Harvard shows the mind wanders on average 47% of the time. That means we are missing about half of our life. We risk losing our ability to finish long-term projects and connect with people around us, as well as losing contact with our deepest values and goals. Dr. Shauna Shapiro offers a science-based roadmap for reclaiming the power of attention and recovering our minds. She’ll teach you how to reverse exhaustion, get back your flow states, and forge real relationships at work and in your personal life. When we tap into that stillness, our minds will be sharpened to do anything we set them to, and we’ll have workplaces and organizations that are ready to embrace a focused, productive, creative mindset and achieve their goals.